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Hospital MoU and Hospital Internship Opportunities

Our endeavor is to create an ecosystem where the requirements of Hospitals are fulfilled and job opportunities are created for the students who have undergone a structured training on Paramedical Courses. To ensure we are giving enough opportunity to our students to get real life experience of their paramedical training, we have signed up with Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Diagnostic centres and send our students for internship to these hospitals. This helps the students to learn and apply their learning as a Dialysis Technician or a Radiology Technician or Emergency Medical Technician or Pathology Technician in real-life scenarios. During their internship students get real life experience of several skills like:

  1. positioning for Radiology Technicians

  2. channeling for Dialysis Technicians

  3. blood drawing and blood collection for BMLT and DMLT students

  4. First Responder training, First aid training, BLS for Medical Lab technicians  

Hospital Internship and Partnership for Paramedical Courses
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